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Tap into the beauty, depth, and relevance of your 3,000 year old heritage to discover how you can lead a meaningful and happy life.

You’ll Receive


A personal learning partner, who’s kinda like a personal trainer (but free)


Learn whatever topic you want, when you want it, and ask any question on your mind


Study wherever and whenever you want, even from home in your pajamas (wait, did we mention this is free?!)

We have a Torah that's not meant to be studied in isolation.

Partners in Torah is the perfect embodiment of that ethic - and you need someone who's one step ahead of you... It was such an easy way to get in touch with myself.

Mayim Bialik 

We know, it seems too good to be true, right? Guess what: It’s not fake news! Check out the feedback from some of our 70,000 participants:


I'm David,

It's been awesome to learn about Judaism with my new study partner!

I grew up without my knowledge of my Judaism,



Your personal study partner, flexible, on your schedule


Build a genuine connection, ask any questions


Open and relaxed environment

What Our Members Say

Its amazing how they found me a partner that is caring and sincere and was a perfect fit. I am still very thankful. We study weekly.

Jeremy S.

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