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on your own time from the comfort of your home


one-on-one learning with a topic & partner of your choice


Really, it’s totally free - all you need is a phone

We have a Torah that's not meant to be studied in isolation.

Partners in Torah is the perfect embodiment of that ethic - and you need someone who's one step ahead of you... It was such an easy way to get in touch with myself.

Mayim Bialik - Award Winning Actress (Partner # 27,973)

What people are saying

about Partners in Torah

“I love the learning, and the ability to not feel awkward about asking questions.”

Havivah Goldsmith

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this program offer?

Every participant gets their very own chavruta (a study partner) on any Jewish topic they choose. Partners study together (or chat) for about 30 minutes a week, usually by phone. What you learn is up to you and can change over time. There are no rules.

How do I get matched?

When you register, you get asked a bunch of questions so that we know who to look out for. The process should take under five minutes to complete. Once you're done, we'll display potential study partners who match your schedule, preferences, and the topic(s) you selected. You'll choose (up to three) people, who we'll then share your profile with, and confirm their availability. If none of the people you selected are available, we'll reach out to other suitable study partners. We then schedule your first call (of course, you'll be notified in advance). This process can happen quickly, or it can take some time. Please hang in there during the wait.

Who are the study partners?

As a two-sided platform with learners who want to know more, and mentors who want to share their knowledge, you'll either be paired with a learner or a mentor. Men and women with a day school, yeshiva, or an advanced Jewish education will generally sign up as mentors. Often, people want to be both a learner and a mentor. That's awesome.

What if I'm not sure what to study?

Welcome to the club — most participants don't have a specific topic or text in mind when they join. Some people know what they want to study, but most just want to know more and don't know where to begin. Others know which topics interest them but need some guidance on how to get started. That's where our digital library comes. Click on, click on any category that interests you, and browse through previews of several study options. Together with your study partner, you'll come up with the material that's best for the two of you.

Can I try it for a bit and decide later if I want to continue?

Definitely. Like we said before: No judgment. No hierarchy. No commitment. No cost.

What if I'm not happy with my Study Partner?

You'll always be just a click away from our dedicated support team. They can better understand your goals and find a better match. Before you make a change though, we suggest you give it a few tries. It's like a first date — it sometimes doesn't feel right, but then, things start to click. If you're pretty sure it won't work, especially if there's something concerning, please contact our support team right away.

How can such a service be offered free of charge?

Simple. Donations cover the overhead, and our mentors are all volunteers. We made up our minds that cost should never get in the way of a Jewish person's desire to know more and to connect with other Jews. Participation in any fundraising drive is entirely optional. Oh, we do want something from you… we want your feedback. If it's negative, we need to know how we can do a better job. If it's positive, we'll be thrilled if you tell us. Better yet, tell your friends.

Our Mission

To make Judaism and Jewish wisdom as accessible as possible for Jews around the globe. No judgment. No hierarchy. No commitment. No cost. Also, we aim to bring Jews of different backgrounds together in an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect and put an end to polarization among Jews. We stood together at Mount Sinai — as one person with one heart — and were equal partners in Torah. Okay, so we got a little sidetracked. And we're trying to get it back together, to unify the Jewish community — two people at a time.

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